The Good Life Festival hits Salford on Saturday 12th March.  What is it? It’s a day for people affected by dementia to celebrate the different ways that people are living well with dementia, in the hope that this will inspire others.

Held at Salford University, the day is open to everyone – people with dementia, families affected by dementia, carers, those who work in the field and, anyone with an interest.

You can book onto the event by calling Tel: 0161 295 2363 or email

The Good Life Festival team recently took over a section of Salford Shopping City (aka Salford Precinct) to promote the event, whilst cycling on a static bike. The team completed the 40 mile journey to Southport in 2 hours, followed by the 40 mile home-stretch back to Salford!

Lesley, a team member who peddled more than half of the way to Southport said “it attracted attention and because people cannot see dementia, people are surprised to see me looking fit, healthy and well and living with dementia. But they do not see the challenges I can encounter. I try not to let dementia beat me.”

good life 2Pat, a dementia associate and carer, peddled back from Southport and loved it “what a great day, much better than sitting round a table talking about it. We were out there, meeting people and spreading the word. I was surprised at how many people stopped and talked to us and how many knew of someone with dementia.”

The team were heartened by the warm welcome and interest they received in the Precinct. People were able to talk about their own or their family’s experience with dementia and could find out about services that can help in Salford.

The Good Life Festival is being run by The Institute for Dementia at Salford University, Alzheimer’s Society, Social Adventures and a group of Dementia Associates; people living with dementia and carers who are valued advisors on dementia research projects at the university.

Through more open discussions about dementia we can help reduce the stigma and encourage people that they can continue to live life well after a diagnosis of dementia.

The Good-life festival is on Saturday March 12th 2016 at Salford University, places are limited so if you want to know more, or to book a ticket please ring 0161 295 2363 or email