We want to help Salford people to reduce smoking. We all know that smoking is bad for our health and it’s ridiculously expensive, but it’s an addiction and it’s not easy to cut back!

We started providing e-Cigarettes to people free of charge along with support to help people reduce last year. Since then we’ve seen lots of people improve their health (decreasing high CO levels) and we’ve had a few quits too. One lady even bought a dog with the money she saved from not buying cigarettes anymore.

We are still providing this service, and we will even come to you now to make it as easy as possible for you to access the service. So if you are interested get in touch – email hello@socialadventures.og.uk or Telephone: 0161 212 4980

Not sure – read on…

e-Cigarettes and safety

OK, so you’re right to be skeptical about how safe e-Cigarettes are. There’ a lot of unregulated stuff on sale and many of the oils have been found to contain chemicals that can cause things like popcorn lung.

But this doesn’t mean that all e-Cigarettes are bad. We’ve done our research and we’ve found a e-Cigarette provider that is regulated and is supplying several National Health Centres across the country.  These are the first devices to go through full regulation and so the safest on the market.

Will it work for me?

We will provide as much (or as little) support as you need. It’s important to get the right e-Cigarette for you and that’s why as a starting point we will let you try the different flavours and strengths until you find the right fit. If you can find a flavour and strength that you like you are much more likely to succeed.

We won’t tell you to quit

We are here to help you reduce smoking, it’s your choice whether you want to quit or not.

We will talk to you about when you smoke and what triggers you to do so and we will help you to plan a strategy to reduce.

Need something to replace smoking?

We have a whole host of nice things whether it’s yoga, a cooking class, learning Italian or  day out.

Go on give it a try

Contact us on hello@socialadventures.org.uk or telephone: 0161 212 4980