Free Dieting Support

Free Dieting Support in Salford

Our friendly nutritionist, Chantelle is on hand to help you reach your dieting goals.

We all know loosing weight is never easy, whether you are doing it because you just feel like shifting a few pounds for the summer or your doctor has told you “you need to”. We all want to find a way of loosing dieting that is sustainable for us personally and feels good. Chantelle is really good at building diet plans which do just that, if you’ve any concerns just ask.

It’s all completely free and includes:

  • 121 advice and support
  • food diary and food diary feedback
  • face to face or facetime/skype meetings
  • food swap advice
  • Recipe ideas
  • motivational support
  • 121 exercise sessions
  • friendly events

To find out more & get started call 0161 710 1075 or email