In Spring 2015 Ron was at the lowest point in his life having lost his World when his wife sadly passed away. He discovered The Angel Centre Salford in Summer and since then has made new friends, has tried lots of different activities and has become part of the Angel community.

Ron was going through a very difficult period of his life when he first visited The Angel Centre, a Social adVentures centre. His wife who he had been with for 40 years and cared for in the latter years, sadly passed away in late January. Ron was grieving. He was lonely and depressed, his life had lost purpose.

He took the brave step of visiting his GP who referred him to the Being Well service that is based at The Angel Centre. He says, “I went to the Doctors because I knew I had to do something. I had no interest in anything and I missed having someone to share things with.”

The Being Well Service is a social prescribing service where life coaches work with individuals to support them in making positive change in their lives. This can be anything from increasing exercise, improving mood, cutting back, eating more healthily, weight management and much more.

Mike Yates became Ron’s life coach and they started to meet up every two weeks at The Angel Centre. From their Mike referred Ron onto courses at The Angel and he has been on a cookery course, a DIY course and joined the friendship circle group. He’s recently started having one-to-one fitness sessions with The Angel’s personal trainer, Natalie, and is looking to start group exercise sessions soon.

When the Social adVentures team arranged a trip to Blackpool, Ron wasn’t sure but his new friends persuaded him to go and he says, “I had a lovely day out in Blackpool, I really enjoyed it.”

It’s a massive change from where Ron was earlier in the year. Speaking about his experiences he says, “I was depressed all the time and I was feeling anxious. I was upset and I’d get a knot in my stomach. I wasn’t use to being on my own. I’d just be sat in an empty house looking at the walls. I wanted to make friends but I didn’t know where to start.”

Ron has formed a bond with his life coach Mike and together they made steps to integrate Ron into the Angel community, help him learn new skills and build his confidence.

Of course, depression is not something that just disappears and Ron still has some difficult days but as he says, “I know I can get out and see some friendly faces. I can go to one of the activities or even just pop into the Café at The Angel, everyone is so welcoming.”

Ron is regularly at The Angel Centre now and is active in encouraging others to try new courses and activities.

Speaking about Ron, Mike Yates his Being Well Life Coach says, “I’m impressed with how far Ron has come in such a short period of time. When we first met he was very isolated. He has now made himself a part of a community at The Angel Centre and has thrown himself into trying new things.”

If you’d like to make a change, you can find out what’s happening by popping into The Angel Centre  or you can ring the Social adVentures team on Tel: 0161 8330495