About Us



The Angel Centre is part of Social adVentures, a social enterprise or community benefit company (IP30502 R), a joint venture between employees and local people.  We are dedicated to providing Salford people with opportunities to become healthier and happier through providing a range of activities, services and courses.

What is a social enterprise?

Social enterprises trade using a business model, but reinvest any profits into improving communities and the environment that they work within.

This short video gives a snapshot of everything that Social adVentues does and includes clips from people who use The Angel Centre:

What we do

The Angel Centre is a community centre based in Salford. We provide Activities, Groups, Courses, Coaching, 121 Fitness, Counselling, Volunteering, IT Classes, Evening Fitness Classes, Days Out, Social Opportunities, Mentoring, Learn a Language, Arts and Crafts, Family Activity, Community Cafe and much more…

We aim to help the people of Salford with any problems they have. This could anything from quitting smoking to losing weight.