With the party season just around the corner and the imminent threat of unpredictable cake eating putting on a few pounds can become unavoidable, but there’s still time to get fit for Christmas.

Who wants to look like a party pooper saying no to that mince pie or turning down that drink with friends.

The shear horror of trying on your favorite party dress only to find it’s a little tight can turn the party season into a nightmare.

Fear not – There’s still time to take control and get fit

Not only is there enough time to lose a few pounds before the party season kicks in but getting in a routine now could help you enjoy festive treats without the usual guilt.

Our Be Active fitness classes are on every week day evening at The Angel Centre. They are affordable, friendly, and accessible to all and require no financial commitment.

For just £10 a month you can access up to 5 classes a week.

The classes are small and friendly and are made up if people of all different fitness levels, some are new to exercise, some haven’t exercised in a few years and some have been coming to our classes for a few months. Everyone helps each other along and encourages each other to get fit. It’s a friendly atmosphere to set small goals and to start to feel better about yourself.

Classes include – Legs, Bums and Tums; Step and Tone; Boxfit Using boxing mitts and pads to get rid of stress and get fit; Metafit; Circuit Training; Candlelit Yoga, Kettlebells; Bootcamp.

The monthly fee is not a contract, we don’t tie people in. So if you want to give us a try for a month there’s no fear that you are going to have committed to a long term direct debit. We simply invoice you at the start of month 2 and if you want to continue you pay and if you don’t well, that’s fine too.

Interested? Want to give it a go?

Email us at hello@socialadventures.org.uk telling us you want to give Be Active a go or call us on Tel: 0161 212 4980.